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the most important thing to pirates was MEDICINE.
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                                            Party Star Wars pirate

 Super Hero Party  Harry Potter Party  Toy Story Glamour
   1950s Sock Hop Party  Knights American Girls Doll
                                            Party  Wizard of
                                            Oz Party

  Army Party Madeline  Glamour  All Ages Parties
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Princess and Pirate Parties
is located in Marco Island, Florida
for special events only.

Princess and Pirate Parties began in 1999. We offered  themes ALL ages. The main themes are Princess Parties or Pirate Parties. The Princess Parties have all the lovely Princesses for the girls and Knights for the boys. At Pirate Parties boys and girls dress up as Pirates or the girls may also choose to be Mermaids or Pixies/Tinker Bells.

We Bring Imagination to Your Home and Party

  • Story
  • Dress-up
  • Games & Activities
  • Treasure Hunt

Parents say their children still talk about the parties 2 and 3 years later.  Many clients are repeats, year after year.  The children attending parties always say, "This is the BEST party EVER."  One of the best compliments was a mom saying . . .

"I don't think these kids have ever been to a fun and WHOLESOME party before this."

Marco Island, FL
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For My BDay, I want:
Princess * Pirate * Stuff a Bear * StarWars
Super Hero * Harry Potter * Toy Story * Army
Glamour * Sock Hop 50s * Knights * Madeline
American Girl Dolls * Race Car Driver * All Ages

Princess and Pirate Parties

Creating memorable parties for over a decade!
4 Your Big Day - Book a Princess or Pirate Party

Choose from one of our many dress-up costume themes for your birthday or any occasion party.

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